Saturday, November 7, 2009

Unsecured Loan for Tenant Devoid Of Pledging Anything as Collateral

Do not worry if you are a tenant and have no valuable property when you intend to take out a loan for personal purposes. You can still find out offers of unsecured tenant loans that serve the people who have no valuable property in their name. They can borrow smaller money be giving proof of their repayment capability. These loans are useful in getting rid of old and expensive debts, paying of some bills, tuition fee, buying books, purchasing a car, going to a holiday tour and many other personal purposes.

As the name implies, tenant loans are unsecured by nature which is free from the risk of pledging collateral. Now, people can grab funds without having fear of collateral pledging criteria. This loan deal brings happiness in to the life of tenants or non-homeowners as now they can access funds without pledging any security. Every one has positive chance of being approved for these loans. However, the rates of interest of these loans are pretty higher because of its short term financing nature.

With the borrowed amount one can easily fulfill their various needs without having intrusion of lenders. It includes:

· Pay monthly home rent
· Pay off electricity bills
· Sudden shopping expenses
· Car repair and so on.

Poor credit or bad credit tenants such as bankruptcy, defaults and arrears can also acquire the Unsecured Loan for Tenant at the realistic interest rates. The lenders evaluates the loan seekers existing financial condition i.e. the borrower’s proceeds, employment duration, credit check while offering the unsecured loans. It is also essential for the tenant to own a savings bank account and have lived at least for one year at his current address.

Unsecured tenant loans range from £3000 to £25000 for depending on the borrowed amount and your credit history. These are short-term loans that you should be repaying in 3 to 15 years.

Though good credit history of the borrower is always preferred, the lenders do not hesitate in approving the loan for people having bad credit history of late payments, payment defaults and CCJs. However, for such applicants, the loan amount may be smaller and interest rate will be much higher.

Unsecured tenant loans can be searched on Internet. The online lenders are known for their competitive interest rates, implying that repaying of such a loan will be much easier due to lower monthly installments. Make sure that each installment of the loan is paid back on the due date, as you need to repair your credit history as well.

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